Hot Music For Hot People: Beau’s Spring Mixtape

The phrase “It’s been a tough Winter” holds far more value this year for most Canadians than any year prior.  Thankfully the snow has begun to melt and those 13 Celsius beach days are almost back!


Beau’s, Ontario’s farmiest brewery, have long been fans of music and have just released their latest mix-tape.  Featuring Hey Ocean! and a bunch of other young musicians waiting to blaze a trail of beats through your open ears, this is quite possibly one of the best spring mixes available outside the salad world.

You can download the whole mixtape here –

And while you’re downloading this piece of Spring, check out the sweet video for Haze Away by Solids.

Track Listing:

       1.  Hey Ocean! – I Am A Heart

       2.  Aidan Knight – A Mirror

       3.  We Are The City – Friends Hurt

       4.  Solids – Haze Away

       5.  Indigo Joseph – Others

       6.  The Belle Comedians – Rosy

       7.  Wake Island – Your Doctrine

       8.  Taylor Knox – My Backyard

       9.  Dominique Fricot – Our Last Song

       10. Say Yes – Sunrise

       11. Folly & The Hunter – Vultures

       12. Lyon – Goodbye

       13. GALA – Young Hymns

       14. Slow Down, Molasses – City Sublet (Dave Carswell Mix)


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