CMW 2014 Wednesday: Good For Grapes, The Roseville Band

It takes a family to build a better music festival.

Canadian Music Industry stalwarts Audio Blood Media took over the back-end production of CMW this year and it’s never seemed easier to navigate the music festival since the ABFam took over.  After the disastrous last few years and learning bigger isn’t always better, CMW scaled back huge on the music festival and has started to expand auxiliary programming in digital media, panels and relevant keynote speakers.

The music festival, at times, still feels like a young buck attempting to find its bearings after a long winter but at least it has survived for now.

Wednesday night was an exciting trip from Vancouver to North Wales, Good For Grapes and The Roseville Band both playing different styles of rock but both bringing amazing, engaging shows.

Good for Grapes


Good for Grapes is a Vancouver band that looks like they were formed in an 1800’s thrift shop.  Fashionably rugged and charmingly attractive, this group also brings an exceptional presence to the stage.  Competent chords matched with a well paced set that swelled and receded like a calming ocean.  The band has obviously come a long way since starting out 4 years ago, they have the polish of a professional band while maintaining excited smiles on stage.

The band exhibits a number of notable elements during their live show – great movement, eye contact, an awesome tympani drum set between the two guitarists and used more often than expected.  It is almost unbelievable to see such a young band playing music this complex, interesting and accessible but they’ve managed to create a set list of songs that are toe-tappingly gorgeous while maintaining heart-tugging versatility.

 The Roseville Band


A furtive glance across a room is how they get you, the following notes, chords, drum blasts and glances into your soul is how they keep you.  Considered the best Welsh export since Timothy Dalton, The Roseville Band has much in common with the man – a stoic yet striking nature.  Their music is a hot bath of guitars, rhythms, sensational vocals and explosive highs, their live show is no different.

This is a great band with wonderful album and live appeal, their songs are distinctive and elegant while maintaining beautifully spacing between chorus, verse and bridges.  People know it too, Rancho Relaxo went from mildly full to packed 5 minutes before they played, the crowd danced and the band swayed and for 40 minutes everyone in a single room was happy.



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