We Are Canadian

We Are Canadian.


A tragedy struck our country’s capital yesterday and today 35 million citizens of the second largest country on Earth are somberly looking for answers. We are all hurt, upset and disappointed that our tranquil dream, removed from most ills of the world has been brusquely shaken out of its sleep.

We are Canadians though and part of our identity is patience and understanding and that is why we will persevere through a nationally visible crime committed by someone that fell through the wide cracks of our mental health system. One of our own sons lost their way and we need to be sure we truly understand why before coming to any briskly prepared legislation or the re-introduction of legislation already deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

We cannot allow our desire for restitution and revenge to better our rationality.

Our country has been through trials before and we have never wavered or been intimidated, we must not allow ourselves to do so now by legitimizing any foreign militias. In 1814, the Americans burnt down the Upper Canada parliament building in what would become Toronto, we rebuilt it because that is what we do – build and grow. Canadians do not shrink from a challenge, we are resilient and internationally respected for being level-headed as individuals and as a culture.

Canada has one of the strongest national identities in the world, people from across the globe dream of living here because we have built a fluid system of tolerance but also of integration. To act differently now, to step back and create a different system that penalizes an overwhelming majority of existing Canadians for acts performed by one mentally ill citizen in a deluded attempt of support for a terrorist organization only undermines the definition of our national character. We cannot and will not allow our culture to remove these important facets because of this tragedy – simply put, we are stronger and more disciplined.

We are Canadian, let us reflect upon and remember what that means as we adapt ourselves to the new challenges of our connected globe.

– Aaron



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